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All of these items are included in PRO Pic Paint and PRO Zoom Camera 5X.  Some items like Premium clipart and certain other features are not included in our free apps PRO Paint Camera and Pic Paint.


3 responses to “Images & Screenshots

  1. I have a motorola droid. I purchased Pro Zoom 5X. I do not have a white balance nor scene selection. I also cannot make any choices from Pic Wiz after my initial choice. I don’t appear to have menu to use these features. What am I doing wrong?

    • To get the whitebalance and scenes, first go to the screen with the effects (sepia, mono, etc). Next touch the screen, hold and swipe to the right or left. The screen with change to whitebalance. Do it again for scenes.

      Once you select pic wiz and it runs ,you will see your pic and you will be in editor mode. Click the PEN button once to draw on the pic. Click the same pen button a second time to get the menu for text, pic wiz, clipart, etc.

  2. Best Camera on the app market… +1 works great on my Moment.

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