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Samsung Nexus S and Digital Zoom

So here at Popcrowd we have a lot of phones for testing purposes.  Our favorite right now is the Nexus S from Samsung.  Funny thing about this phone however is it has NO digital zoom built in.  Not only that, but the Android OS reports that zoom is simply not supported on this phone.  What does that mean?  The stock Android Camera app has no zoom capabilities and also our apps have no zoom either. I mean come on Google and Samsung – give us a break!

Using this phone as my own personal device I find this very bothersome. That means we will figure out a way to get zoom working on the phone – give us some time.  We’re not happy 🙂



Our recent ratings – an explanation

Update Jan 5/2011 – Our latest update v2.05 seems to have fixed these issues.  If you are having any troubles after updating, please email us at     blog (at)

Recently we have been getting some lower ratings on our camera apps from our great users.  Specifically it happened with Droid and EVO owners over the past month.

We are happy to report that we are well on the way to fixing the issue with our Camera apps and hope to have a fix out by the end of this week Dec 31. We will be fixing the app hanging and crashing issue that many of you have been reporting.

For those interested, the problem occurred because as these phones upgraded to Android v2.2 Froyo, they got much faster.  This new found speed then led to camera threads clashing and crashing.  We got it almost fixed though!

As always drop us an email anytime. Click the ‘Contact Developer’ from the Android market page or from within your app’s preference page.

Thanks for your patience!

Samsung Galaxy S and Droid v2.2

Over the past week we have done some small tweaks to PRO Zoom Camera to ensure it works on these phone models.  We have fully tested our app on both phones with good results.  Please send us an email from the “Preferences” section of our app if you have any problems!


Happy snapping!


HTC EVO Front Camera Support

The HTC EVO is a great phone.  One of only a few phones that have a front facing camera.  We are happy to announce that we now support the front facing camera on the EVO.  In fact, we have improved on the stock camera by making it very, very easy to switch between cameras.  No fumbling through menus, just click the button (circled in red below).

In order to support this front camera, we released a new app on the Android Market called “PRO Zoom Camera 5X EVO”.  Only EVO phones are able to see it in the market.  If you are an existing PRO Zoom Camera 5X  EVO user, please email us to find out how to get the new app for no cost.  Not ideal having two apps, we know but the only way to support this great phone!

v1.99 PRO Zoom Camera 5X, Pic Paint & PRO Paint Camera

When taking a picture of a lifetime, total control over the scene is important.  With that in mind, we have worked hard to give you even more fine grained control over your shooting to get you that great shot.

In this release:

  • Support for phones with saturation, brightness, sharpness, exposure and contrast.  This will allow you to set these variables before taking a picture and preview the results. See below
    • Known supported phones: All HTC Sense UI phones (Evo, Incredible, Hero, Eris), Froyo v2.2 Nexus One (Exposure only), other phones possible

  • Better UI layout of ISO and Meter modes for phones that support them
  • 40% faster picture taking when snapping the shutter.  Visibly faster to allow you to take better pictures!
  • Better transitions to HTC Sense gallery making finding your picture easier
  • Support for Froyo v2.2 moving of apps to SD card
  • AutoFocus fixes and improvements
  • Tweaks to saving of image files

Enjoy the new features!!

Pro Paint Camera: Trackball issue

Hi Everyone,

We did an app update last night for PRO Paint Camera.  It adds many new features and fixes a number of items.  Unfortunately it also broke your ability to take a picture with the trackball!  The app has been now updated and fixed.  Please download the latest update from the market!


Android Camera app update v 1.97

We are proud to announce the latest update to our apps.  This one adds new features as well as further improves speed and stability.

New Features

  • Five new fonts – as requested by you the users. You can see the new fonts to the right in this post
  • Two new Pic Wiz filters, Cross Process and Vintage filters have been added to paid apps.  The old vintage filter is now called “Retro”. See examples of them below this post.
  • New preference to allow simply touching the view finder to snap a picture. Touch and hold is good, but for some people Touch by itself to take a picture is better
  • Clipart can now be added with transparency enabled.  The creativity this adds to using our clipart gallery is great!
  • Enabled “flash always on” or “torch mode” during still image capture for phones that support it

Fixes to Existing App

  • Better memory handling.  Better reliability when saving shots is the result
  • Better ordering and grouping of Pic Wiz filters and shapes. Easier to find things in the list of filters.
  • Improved transition between camera mode and editor mode – smoother and intuitive
  • Fixes for X10 and Droid Incredible phones
  • Much better Japanese translation of the app – thanks Tatsuya-san!
  • Smoother zooming on some phones
  • Fixed rotation issue with photos when taking portrait style photos. Uploading to Facebook & Twitter should be now rotated correctly
  • Fixed Color wheel size issue
  • New high res icon for high end phones
  • Fixed the “watermark” issue when undoing an edit with transparency turned on
  • Better compatibility of the gallery button for HTC phones

Let us know your thoughts on all of these new changes.  If you have anything you would like to see added or fixed, please email us!