We are a small software company located in Ottawa Ontario Canada.  Android quickly caught our attention and in May 2009 we started down this path.

We have three apps currently live on the Android Market:

PRO Zoom Camera 5X

PRO Zoom Camera 5X Icon

PRO Paint Camera

PRO Paint Camera

Pic Paint

Pic Paint Icon


13 responses to “About

  1. I live in Canada, so I can’t buy any apps because Telus hasn’t figured out how to broker the sales yet…sigh.
    Would you consider selling the apk by Paypal so I can use Pro Zoom?

  2. Does this app support GPS tagging? If not then will it in thr future?

  3. Does Pro 5x give digital zoom for the video camera as well as the still? I’m on a Nexus One, if that makes any difference.

  4. I just purchased PRO Zoom Camera 5X and so far I’m quite impressed!

    Just one major annoyance- how do I stop it adding “Created by PRO Zoom Camera 5X” to the bottom of every email when I try to send a picture via gmail? I want to use this to take pictures that I then send via gmail to be posted directly on my blog and it’s going to be a major pain to have to either have to delete this from every email or have to go back and edit my blog if I forget!

    I was a little surprised to find this in an app I had paid for (admittedly at a bargain price)- this is the sort of thing you find in a free version of an app and you buy the full version to get rid of it.

    • We agree. We will put a checkbox in the app’s preferences in the next release to allow you to turn off that message when sharing. It is a pain and we will remove it! Give us a couple of weeks to get another release out there.


  5. Just got the notification to update and did, but can’t find the checkbox to turn off the message in email- am I looking in the wrong place or did it get forgotten in the new release?

    • Hi Crispian,

      We will be creating an app preference to turn off the auto message “Created by ….” in the sharing function of the app soon – in our next app update in a few days.

  6. Howdy!

    Currently using a Moto Atrix, awesome phone but the camera performance is mediocre. Checked out some demos of alternate camera apps and saw some improvement, and I’d love to try yours. I’m not 100% sure it’ll run and the window for refunds is so small, that doesn’t give me much time to review the camera performance. Any demos? Extended trial period? I definitely want to support the Android dev community, but don’t want to wind up with an unusable pay app!


  7. Camera 5X not working well at all on HTC Thunderbolt. Clicking the 5X link on this page does not work as well. I am assuming you have given up…

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