AF and autofocus on our camera app

We recently got the following question from one of our users:
“I recently purchased this app from the Android Market. Im noticing that each time I press on the focus icon, the screen on my phone disappears for a second. Is there a way to turn this off?”

This was a recent change we had to make to ensure the app is stable.  It is actually resetting the camera for that split second.
If you hit AF and it is yellow – it is active.  All pictures from then on will cycle the focus and it will be properly focused.
Basically leave it on AF yellow/active and you don’t have to hit it again.  You can even set Autofocus to always be yellow/active in the preferences so each time the app starts it is always active.
AF off/gray is for no focus. This means that the camera snaps pictures quicker because there is no autofocus cycle, however they will always be focused “at infinity”.  Basically anything over 10 ft away will be focused correctly, but less than 10 ft away it could be blurry.

3 responses to “AF and autofocus on our camera app

  1. Thanks

  2. The digital zoom worked before last update how can I get that version again. The zoom worked pretty well too. T -Mobile Vibrant

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