Samsung Nexus S and Digital Zoom

So here at Popcrowd we have a lot of phones for testing purposes.  Our favorite right now is the Nexus S from Samsung.  Funny thing about this phone however is it has NO digital zoom built in.  Not only that, but the Android OS reports that zoom is simply not supported on this phone.  What does that mean?  The stock Android Camera app has no zoom capabilities and also our apps have no zoom either. I mean come on Google and Samsung – give us a break!

Using this phone as my own personal device I find this very bothersome. That means we will figure out a way to get zoom working on the phone – give us some time.  We’re not happy 🙂



6 responses to “Samsung Nexus S and Digital Zoom

  1. just. Bought this too find out it doesn’t work on m
    y nexus. S.what gives.wouldn’t have bought if I knew. It didn’t work.when will you have it fixed

  2. Just bought my Nexus S and realized the same thing -no zoom! BIG mistake to exclude such an important feature. So! I REALLY hope that you´ll find a way to crack that problem 😉 Save my email and give me a note when you do! 😉 Regards from Sweden!

  3. Dear Friends

    any news for nexus s camera ? Are you planning to work on it ?


  4. Any luck with the zoom feature.. ? I’m surprised that a Samsung and Google could have skipped such and important an feature

  5. please let me know if you find a way to get zoom into the camera. I love the phone minus the camera.

  6. please do! it annoys me that i upgraded my phone yet it cant do something simple as zoom

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