Samsung Vibrant/Galaxy & EVO Froyo – Fixed!

We have done an app update that fixed the problems that our PRO Zoom Camera 5X app was having with EVOs and Samsung Galaxy S/Vibrant/Captivate phones.

Thanks for your patience as we try to stay ahead of the massive number of OSes and phones in the Android world.


7 responses to “Samsung Vibrant/Galaxy & EVO Froyo – Fixed!

  1. Wait, Vibrant owners got an OTA 2.2 update? Since when?

    • Hi Dave,

      Sorry Vibrant is still on 2.1. The EVO got a 2.2 update which broke our app. Samsung created the Vibrant with a few different things in their camera firmware that broke our apps.

  2. Hi, sorry to hear your having problems. I bought pro 5x this AM but I can be patient. My question is, after you fix how do I get the fix? will you update automatically or do I do somethin?

    • Great question. We will have an update put on the Android Market. Your phone will signal to you that an update is available automatically and you simply need to download it. We are actually coding that update as I write this 🙂

  3. Question about this app on the DroidX. It seems to work well, but when I hit the camcorder/video recorder button, and am taken to the camcorder app in the droidx, I am missing the ability to access the settings via menu. Hitting the menu button does nothing. Also, even though I have the video quality set to HD in the default app/camcorder, it comes up as QVGA if I go to the camcorder via the prozoom 5x camera button. Also, the available recording time shows 00:01:00 (one minute). But if I go directly to the camcorder via the android menu, it shows 00:30:00 (30 minutes), which is more accurate based on the available space.

    If I go directly to the camcorder app (via the android menu), none of these issues are there. It only happens when going to the camcorder from within ProZoom.

  4. I would like to say that my galaxy s is better then the rest but iam in Cincinnati tiring to up grade my phone. and i would like too buy the xoom tablet but there’s no way i could pay 8OO. i guess i could wait until the price to drop..or is there a place i could go that has a better price then best buy..799.

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