HTC EVO Front Camera Support

The HTC EVO is a great phone.  One of only a few phones that have a front facing camera.  We are happy to announce that we now support the front facing camera on the EVO.  In fact, we have improved on the stock camera by making it very, very easy to switch between cameras.  No fumbling through menus, just click the button (circled in red below).

In order to support this front camera, we released a new app on the Android Market called “PRO Zoom Camera 5X EVO”.  Only EVO phones are able to see it in the market.  If you are an existing PRO Zoom Camera 5X  EVO user, please email us to find out how to get the new app for no cost.  Not ideal having two apps, we know but the only way to support this great phone!


4 responses to “HTC EVO Front Camera Support

  1. Your site says there is a way to get the new version for my evo.
    Also, I do not mean to be dumb but is there some sort of instruction manual on what the icons mean (like flash) and how to use app?


  2. Hi,

    If you purchase the EVO version and send us the name and city/state of the purchase, we will refund your older PRO Zoom Non-EVO purchase.

    As for a video – no sorry. It is something on our list to do however!

  3. Clarifcation please – how would I send you the details on where I bought – via this posting? Also, great to know that your working on video – I assume for the EVo but my questions was about an instruction manual – a bit confused?

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