v1.99 PRO Zoom Camera 5X, Pic Paint & PRO Paint Camera

When taking a picture of a lifetime, total control over the scene is important.  With that in mind, we have worked hard to give you even more fine grained control over your shooting to get you that great shot.

In this release:

  • Support for phones with saturation, brightness, sharpness, exposure and contrast.  This will allow you to set these variables before taking a picture and preview the results. See below
    • Known supported phones: All HTC Sense UI phones (Evo, Incredible, Hero, Eris), Froyo v2.2 Nexus One (Exposure only), other phones possible

  • Better UI layout of ISO and Meter modes for phones that support them
  • 40% faster picture taking when snapping the shutter.  Visibly faster to allow you to take better pictures!
  • Better transitions to HTC Sense gallery making finding your picture easier
  • Support for Froyo v2.2 moving of apps to SD card
  • AutoFocus fixes and improvements
  • Tweaks to saving of image files

Enjoy the new features!!


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