Update v1.9 – Geotag, Toy Camera and more

Hi Everyone,

We have recently updated our PRO Zoom Camera 5X, Pic Paint and PRO Paint Camera applications.  There are many improvements this time, many of which you our great users have asked for.

  • Geo tagging for your photos – with network or GPS.  Also, click the location indicator to see a map of where it will be tagged! (Paid apps only)
  • Saving of Exif data in photos
  • New Pic Wiz filters – Toy Camera and Contrast Burst (paid apps only)
  • Better integration of Pic Wiz – much easier to get back to the camera after applying one
  • Volume Keys can now either take a picture OR zoom the picture
  • Skip the picture preview completely
  • User selectable delay save time during a preview – not only 10 seconds anymore
  • Save your picture in a custom directory on your SD card
  • Visually improved application home screen
  • Automatic handling of picture rotation.  If you take a picture holding your phone in portrait orientation or even upside down, the picture will be right side up in your gallery and the built in editor
  • Gallery button takes you directly to the picture now after snapping one, instead of all your pictures
  • Better organized Preferences screen with a full contact section for Popcrowd (Hit physical menu key to get there)
  • Detailed control in preferences for Geotagging (paid apps only)
  • Better force close error catching to allow us to find bugs and improvements

Thanks everyone for your great support.  If you like what you see above and are happy customers please DO leave a nice comment on the Android market.

It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy when you do.  We like warm and fuzzy!

NOTE: V1.9 for our apps contains many small bug fixes due to all of your great feedback!  Sorry for the flurry of updates but things will settle down soon.


One response to “Update v1.9 – Geotag, Toy Camera and more

  1. Very. Nice

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