New App Update v1.8

New update was released for PRO Zoom Camera 5X and PRO Paint Camera this evening.  The features and fixes include:

  • New camera screen for Droid, Nexus One and other large screen devices.  Hope you like the new buttons! The black bar is gone and now useful.
  • New Pic Wiz filter “Remove Graininess” in PRO Zoom Camera. If you have grainy low light, high ISO pics, try running this filter over them once or even three times in a row. It uses a very sophisticated high-end algorithm to improve your photos.
  • New Video button from the camera screen.  You asked to get to your video camera easier and now here it is – built right into the app!
  • 6X zoom for Droid users.  Set zoom to “Max” in the preferences on your phone.  Droid users enjoy 6X due to their powerful phones – Droid does indeed.
  • Many, many, many fixes, tweaks and improvements to keep things running stable.  Hopefully less crashes, force closures and all that bad stuff that sometimes but only rarely happens.  This update should be rock stable for your phone.



4 responses to “New App Update v1.8

  1. Hi, in one of the comments above you said, “6X zoom for Droid users. Set zoom to “Max” in the preferences on your phone. Droid users enjoy 6X due to their powerful phones – Droid does indeed.”

    On my Droid, I can’t find the preferences that allow me to set zoom to “Max.” Can you point me in the right direction?



    • Hi Bo,

      From the camera interface hit the MENU button on your phone. Next select “Max Zoom”. Set that preference to “Max”. If you have a Droid phone, you will see “6X” show up on the camera interface and your zoom will be a little more powerful than before!

  2. Do you have any plans to add geotagging to Pro Zoom Camera 5x? I’ve got that on the built-in Droid camera. I’m also wondering what hitting the “AF” button does, or more properly, how do you adjust the focus?


    • Actually you asked about Geotagging on Feb 1. Now on Feb 4 we are proud to release geotagging in our apps! As for the AF button – by default the camera is focused at “infinity” If you select the AF button and take a picture with it ON you will see the camera cycle through a focus and it will clearly focus on whatever is in front of it. We did it this way to make it very fast (no focus cycle) to take a picture. If you would rather have AF on all the time to ensure perfect focus everytime, check it off in the PREFERENCES menu.

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