Why not use the full Droid Screen?

We have had a number of users ask why the Droid screen is not being fully used for our camera apps.  For those of you without a high res 854×480 screen, on the Droid the camera preview takes up about 70% of the screen, leaving a black bar to the right.
The reason for the black bar is the Droid screen is not the same ratio as a JPEG picture  – 4:3.  The width and height is different than a JPEG and therefore we needed to put the black bar on the screen.  If we used the full Droid screen, it “stretched” the picture and distorted it.  We assumed you didn’t want squished distorted picture previews.
It is the same reason when you watch a widescreen 16:9 movie on your TV screen there are black bars on the screen.

2 responses to “Why not use the full Droid Screen?

  1. I love this app. My only concern is that after a picture is taken, when you go to view it in your photo album it always first shows up as a previously deleted photo in the preview image (icon) of the photo album. But once you open up the “previously deleted image” it shows the correct picture that was just taken. And after it is opened up in the photo album the preview images are correct… bizarre and annoying. Difficult to see how pictures turned out, especially if several were taken and not viewed right away. Because you have to open each image to actually see the pictures that were just taken, because all you see is preview pictures of images you had deleted. Hopefully a bug you can fix in a update. Thamks

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