v1.6 App Update Details – wow that was hard…

So after almost 3 weeks of long hours we are proud to update our Camera Apps.

PRO Zoom Camera 5X, PRO Paint Camera, PRO Pic Paint, Pic Paint

Here is what we focused on:

  • stability to reduce significantly force closures and the very few “lockups” that occurred
  • a brand new camera user interface which makes the app easier to use and polished looking
  • support for many more phones and improvements to existing ones
    • Droid, HTC Hero, Droid Eris, Samsung Moment, Samsung Galaxy, TMobile G1 & G2, etc.
    • Droid flash syncing has been fixed
    • many tweaks and fixes for all of the above phones – if it did not work on your model before, try it now!
  • ability to turn off the shutter sound in preferences
  • save flash state (auto/on/off) when exiting the app so it stays like that when starting up
  • a few more animals and signs in clipart

Thanks so much for all of your support and suggestions in comments and email.  We read everything and without your kind words we would not be able to work on this app.


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