Update to v1.52 for PRO Zoom Camera 5X & PRO Paint Camera


After much work, we have updated our apps to v1.52 with big new features:

PRO Zoom Camera 5X & PRO Pic Paint

  • 12 Pic Wiz photo effects that give you complete editing control – crazy photos!
  • Brightness & contrast controls
  • Premium custom designed clipart – tell us what you think…we love it
  • Instant photo save – you said saving photos in the camera was too slow, so we made it super fast
  • Better menu UI
  • Take picture with Volume key – for all you G2/Magic users
  • Better handling & fixes for HTC Hero – wow that phone is hard to dev for…..
  • Enabled Gallery and Crop for HTC Hero

PRO Paint Camera & Pic Paint

  • All of the above minus many of the Pic Wiz photo effects & the premium clipart
  • Do you want those features, 5X digital zoom, self timer and more?  Why not spend $1.49….

Time for a break!


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