Recent App Updates

Hi Everyone,

We are happy to report on our most recent updates to our PRO Zoom Camera 5X and PRO Paint Camera apps.  Some of these new features are a result of your feedback in the Android Market comments and emails that you have sent us.  Your feedback makes our products better.

v1.03 PRO Paint Camera

v1.07 PRO Zoom Camera 5X

  • fixes for Android v1.6 update (donut release)
  • new autosave feature after 5 seconds of pic preview with no button presses (thx for the feedback!)
  • new preference to control autosave
  • 50% faster save time saving 4.5 seconds each time you save a pic (thx for the feedback!)
  • new share button during each pic preview to allow easy emailing of your pics (thx for the feedback!)
  • more descriptive error messages for users
  • better zoom centering when zooming (Zoom Camera app)

Hope you enjoy all improvements.


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